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How the Internet responded to the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision on Google, Twitter, and Bible Gateway

Evangelical leaders: “Outrage and panic off-limits.” Internet responds with outrage and panic.

I was half-hoping that Christianity Today would use this Buzzfeedy title (referring to a previous article of theirs) for my piece there about the quantitative aftermath of Friday’s Supreme Court decision.

Here’s a teaser:

Surges in five keywords after the Supreme Court decision.

Separately, the same-sex-marriage topics I mentioned in my last post have received a surge of votes since the decision on Friday, and I’m pleased (from a statistical perspective) that the voting is consistent with previous patterns.

The below chart shows the cluster voting pattern since 10 AM EDT on June 26, 2015, when the decision was announced. The three clusters with the lowest number of overall votes didn’t receive any votes during this period: “Everything for its purpose,” “David and Jonathan,” and “Personal struggle against sin.”

Voting patterns from June 26 to 29: Sexual immorality received the most votes, followed closely by Law, then One flesh, Love your neighbor, Do not judge, Live morally, and Eunuchs and the childless.

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