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Our New AI Worship-Music Overlords does for music what DALL-E does for images: turn text into synthetic art. My first thought is that it could be helpful for memorizing the Bible: you enter in the text you want to memorize and the style of music that most helps you memorize (no judgment if that’s yodeling).

Here are three musical renderings (instruments and vocals) I made of Psalm 121 (NIV) in three different styles:

1960s Broadway Musical:

1990s Worship:

Appalachian Folk:

The quality isn’t quite there, but it’s pretty good.

If you’re looking for actual human-created musical approaches to memorizing Bible verses, I recommend Biblevox, which collects over 3,000 Bible-memory songs in one place and is run by my father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate, Ken Boer. (I do love a good data-categorization project.) Ken also pointed me to “I Am Better Than You,” which is a fun take on conveying the essence of Philippians 3:2-11–though it’s not, strictly speaking, a Bible-memory song.

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