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NotesHoffmeier and Millard, Future of Biblical Archaeology (2004) (page 269) describes it as "on the Uqnu River" in "southern Mesopotamia;" Routledge Handbook of the Peoples and Places of Ancient Western Asia (2009) (page 37) says, "Aramaean tribe in southern Babylonia.... The city of Amatu was among fourteen cities located on the Uqnu r. which submitted to Sargon II during the campaign of his twelfth regnal year; this settlement is surely associated with the tribal group of the same name"
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1 Identification

  1. along the Uqnu (ancient): very high confidence. It may be:
    1. panorama of the Karkheh Riveralong the Karkheh River

    2. closeup of the Karun Riveralong the Karun River

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This page identifies the current consensus around the modern location of this biblical place.

While I consulted sources for this place, there were no major disputes about its modern location.