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Benjamin Gate


Translated NamesBenjamin Gate, Benjamin’s Gate, Benjamin’s gate, Gate of Benjamin, gate of Benjamin
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1 Identification

  1. in Jerusalem (ancient): very high confidence
    1. aerial cityscape of Jerusalemin Jerusalem

Verses (4)

  1. Jer 20:2, 37:13, 38:7
  2. Zech 14:10

Linked Data Identifiers

Logos FactbookBenjamin Gate (2007)Benjamin Gate, Gate of Benjamin
OpenBible.infoae04aa8 (Benjamin Gate)
TIPNRBenjamin_Gate@Jer.20.2, Benjamin_Gate@Zec.14.10

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This page identifies the current consensus around the modern location of this biblical place.

While I consulted sources for this place, there were no major disputes about its modern location.