Modern locations of places in the Bible:

Between Eshtaol and Zorah


Latitude, Longitude31.778023, 34.998916
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)149982/131715
Typeprobability center radial
Point Precision1 km
Coordinates Source
  • Representative Point In Region
General Location NotesIVP Old Testament Bible Background Commentary (2000) (Judg 13:25) mentions "a spring by the Wadi Kesalon running between the two towns that may be the area referred to here," but En Shelafim is the only candidate I see, and Nahal Kesalon doesn’t exactly flow between the two
Precise Coordinates Notesarbitrary point midway between Eshtaol and Zorah
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Biblical places associated with between Eshtaol and Zorah


road in the region between Eshtaol and Zorah
Credit: Idobi (modified)