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Khirbet el Ayash


Latitude, Longitude31.954200, 35.474900
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)195019/151264
Point Precision250 m
Coordinates Source
Precise Coordinates Notesthis site only reflects Roman and later pottery; Glueck, Explorations in Eastern Palestine IV (1951) (page 412) places it "less than three quarters of a km to the northeast of the center of the area of Khirbet el Auja et Tahta. It is a low mound, about 50 m in diameter, rising noticeably in the center of the plain... littered with very numerous fragments of pottery, belonging to Iron Age I-II... There were also among them numerous Roman, Byzantine, and mediaeval Arabic sherds. The irrigation ditches which lead past it..." It may be the 50m-wide structure at 31.955003,35.476400; Greenberg and Keinan, Israeli Archaeological Activity in the West Bank, 1967-2007 (2009) conflates this site with Khirbet el Awja et Tahta
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10-meter-per-pixel satellite Image

satellite view of the region around Khirbet el Ayash
Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2019 (modified)