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Regma (ancient name)


Also CalledRegmah
Latitude, Longitude25.357500, 55.391944
Point Precision150 km
Coordinates Sources
General Location Notes
  • Jones, Empires of the Bible (2004) (page 26): “situated on the Arabian shore of the Persian Gulf, on the northern side of the long promontory which separates it from the ocean”
  • Raleigh, History of the World (1617) (page 317): “the city of Raama, or Rhegma, set near the river of Lar towards the mouth of the Persian sea”
  • Forster, Historical Geography of Arabia (1844) (page 120-122): “the city of Sarcoa, placed by Ptolemy on the Persian Gulf, near the mouth of his Lar fluvius, or the Zar river... that the modern Zar river, is the Lar fluvius of Ptolemy, appears both from the geographical position, and from the incidental evidence of Pliny... But it is on this river, whose name, with that of its port, stands thus independently identified with that of Jerah, that Prolemy places his Vicus Jerachaeorum: a name which concentrates into one point the less direct evidences of the surrounding denominations; reducing, alike, the classical Lar and Sarcoa, the modern Zar and Seer”
  • Report: Sharjah (2008) (page 12): “The first settlement of present-day Sarjah dates back 6,000 years. Then known as Sarcoa, the settlement was a small community, which depended on trade, seafaring, pearling, fishing, and farming”
Precise Coordinates Notesthese coordinates are for Sharjah, or ancient Sarcoa
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cityscape of Sharjah
Credit: Mueed Ahmed (modified)