Modern locations of places in the Bible:

Tal‘at ed Damm


Also CalledTal‘at ad Dam
Latitude, Longitude31.818431, 35.360304
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)184207/136188
Point Precisionpoint on mountain
Coordinates Sources
General Location Notes
  • Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia (1975) (Geliloth): “a hill near the so-called Good Samaritan Inn”
  • New Bible Dictionary (1996) (Geliloth): “south of the Wadi Qilt
Precise Coordinates Notesthis point is the peak, but the mountain and pass continue east (as indicated by the Wikidata point); this name is also used for the pass (i.e., Adummim), but here it means the mountain
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Biblical places associated with Tal‘at ed Damm


panorama of Tal‘at ed Damm, which is behind the road
Credit: Bukvoed (modified)