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Bath el Battash


Latitude, Longitude31.792280, 35.245456
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)173334/133279
Point Precision100 m
Coordinates Sources
General Location NotesCrown-Tamir, How to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus and the Prophets (2000): "4 km northeast from Jerusalem"
Precise Coordinates Notesthis point is at the peak of this hill at 829m elevation, or 2,720 feet; Clermont-Ganneau, Archaeological Researches in Palestine 1873-1874, Book 1 (1899) (page 273): "If we go to the north-west along the ridge of Scopos towards El Mesharaf, as far as the gorge which is called Khall’t el Ajuz, ... there is a high crest called Bat’n el Battash... The position, at a height of 2,724 feet 8 inches, is a very commanding one; it is the highest point of the whole range from the Mount of Offence to El Mesharef"
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building at Bath el Battash
Credit: Deror avi (modified)