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Khirbet Madin


Also CalledKhirbet Madyan
Latitude, Longitude32.799440, 35.461143
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)193494/244994
Point Precision100 m grid intersection
Coordinates Sources
General Location Notes
  • Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible (2010) (Madon): “a short distance from Qarn Hattin
  • Sawyer and Clines, Midian, Moab, and Edom (1983) (page 167): “barely half a km from the ruins at Qarn Hattin
Precise Coordinates NotesAharoni, Land of the Bible (1979) (page 117) places Khirbet Madin "1/3 mile south of Qarn Hattin" (while this point is north), although it doubts the identification of Madon with Khirbet Madin
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panorama of ruins at Khirbet Madin
Credit: זאב שטיין (modified)