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Ain el Madauwerah


Latitude, Longitude31.798128, 35.248031
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)173578/133927
Point Precision100 m
Coordinates Sources
General Location NotesExploring the Narrative (2014) (page 382) "at Isawiya on the east slope of Mount Scopus"
Precise Coordinates NotesArchaeological Survey of Israel: "40 m to the west, on slope (map ref. 17355/13394)--a rock-hewn cistern with a shaft-like mouth, capped by a stone (1x1 m); a pumping installation, in use today, surmounts it;" a reference appears on the Survey of Western Palestine; there are extensive excavations in the area, but none mention a spring
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cityscape looking east including Ain el Madauwerah, which is not visible at center right
Credit: עוזי ו. (modified)