Places in 1 Samuel 19

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Place Possible identifications (tap to highlight on the map)
1Sam 19:18, 19:19, 2 more
  1. cityscape of Al Ramwithin 2 km of Al Ram

  2. cityscape of Rantiswithin 2 km of Rantis

  3. building at Beit Rimawithin 2 km of Beit Rima

  4. cityscape of Ramallahwithin 2 km of Ramallah

  5. building at Nabi Samwilwithin 2 km of Nabi Samwil

  6. ruins at Ramat Rahelwithin 2 km of Ramat Rahel

Ramah 4
1Sam 19:18, 19:19, 2 more
  1. cityscape of Al RamAl Ram

  2. cityscape of RantisRantis

  3. cityscape of RamallahRamallah

  4. ruins at Ramat RahelRamat Rahel

  5. building at Beit RimaBeit Rima

  6. building at Nabi SamwilNabi Samwil

1Sam 19:22
  1. panorama of hills in the region between Gibeah and Ramahbetween Gibeah and Ramah

Image Credits

Soman, יעקב, KafrAdDeek, Soman, Alexey Goral, Bukvoed, יעקב


This page attempts to identify all possible locations for every place mentioned in this chapter of the Bible.