Places in 1 Samuel 9

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Place Possible identifications (tap to highlight on the map)
1Sam 9:4
  1. recent ruins at Salbitabout 10 km around Salbit

  2. cityscape of Taybehwithin 10 km of Taybeh

  3. cityscape of Rammunabout 10 km around Rammun

  4. satellite view of the region around Khirbet Salhababout 10 km around Khirbet Salhab

1Sam 9:4
  1. cityscape of Kafr Thulthabout 15 km around Kafr Thulth

  2. satellite view of the region around Khirbet Sirisyeabout 15 km around Khirbet Sirisye

  3. panorama of Khirbet Marjame, which is on the hill in the midgroundabout 15 km around Khirbet Marjame

  4. panorama of Ein Samia, which is at centerabout 15 km around Ein Samia

1Sam 9:5
  1. cityscape of Al Ramabout 10 km around Al Ram

  2. building at Beit Rimaabout 10 km around Beit Rima

  3. cityscape of Ramallahabout 10 km around Ramallah

  4. building at Nabi Samwilabout 10 km around Nabi Samwil

  5. ruins at Ramat Rahelabout 10 km around Ramat Rahel

  6. cityscape of Rantisabout 10 km around Rantis

  7. cityscape of Al Biraabout 10 km around Al Bira

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This page attempts to identify all possible locations for every place mentioned in this chapter of the Bible.