Joshua 8:15 Cross References

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Joshua 8:15

And Joshua and all Israel pretended to be beaten before them and fled in the direction of the wilderness.

Joshua 18:12

On the north side their boundary began at the Jordan. Then the boundary goes up to the shoulder north of Jericho, then up through the hill country westward, and it ends at the wilderness of Beth-aven.

Judges 20:36

So the people of Benjamin saw that they were defeated. The men of Israel gave ground to Benjamin, because they trusted the men in ambush whom they had set against Gibeah.

Joshua 16:1

The allotment of the people of Joseph went from the Jordan by Jericho, east of the waters of Jericho, into the wilderness, going up from Jericho into the hill country to Bethel.

Joshua 15:61

In the wilderness, Beth-arabah, Middin, Secacah,