Bible Cross References Visualization

Choose books to see related passages. For example, Genesis / Daniel or 2 Samuel / 1 Chronicles. Back to cross references.

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A 76-by-66 grid shows cross-reference sources on the y-axis and cross-reference targets on the x-axis, both arranged by Bible book. In addition, the x-axis includes several sections, so you can see, for example, cross-references from Genesis to the whole of the New Testament.


This grid is arranged by book, showing cross-reference sources on the y-axis and targets on the x-axis. Within each square, the first verse in the book or section is at the top, and the last verse is at the bottom.

You can download a full-size version (11 MB / 10,240 pixels wide) of the grid—it’s very large and could possibly crash your browser; you probably want to save it to your desktop and open it from there.

Blue indicates cross-reference targets in the Old Testament; red in the New Testament. Green indicates a section. Purple indicates cross-references in the same book; gray in the same chapter.