Daily Cross Reference Bible Reading Plan

Let’s read through the book of Hebrews one verse at a time in 2023. Every day explore a single verse and its cross references. AI-generated text draws the passages together. RSS feed.

Weekly Review

  1. January 29. Hebrews 2:11: For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one source. That is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers,
  2. January 30. Hebrews 2:12: saying, “I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise.”
  3. January 31. Hebrews 2:13: And again, “I will put my trust in him.” And again, “Behold, I and the children God has given me.”
  4. February 1. Hebrews 2:14: Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same things, that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil,
  5. February 2. Hebrews 2:15: and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery.
  6. February 3. Hebrews 2:16: For surely it is not angels that he helps, but he helps the offspring of Abraham.

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About This Reading Plan

This reading plan reads through a single verse each day, six days a week, paired with the most-popular cross references for the verse. AI-generated (and human-reviewed) text provides an opening thought and concluding prayer along with an explanation for how each cross reference relates to the verse. In 2023, this reading plan works through Hebrews one verse at a time. Every seventh day is a catchup day. Want more info? Try this blog post.