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Translated NamesAbi-ezer, Abiezer
Typepeople group
Notespart of Manasseh; central city for people group
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1 Identification

  1. about 15 km around Ophrah 2 (ancient): very high confidence. It may be:
    1. ruins at Afulaabout 15 km around Afula

    2. satellite view of the region around Khirbet Taiyibehabout 15 km around Khirbet Taiyibeh

    3. ruins at Ramat Rahelabout 15 km around Ramat Rahel

    4. cityscape of Et Taiyibehabout 15 km around Et Taiyibeh

    5. cityscape of Silat ad Dhahrabout 15 km around Silat ad Dhahr

    6. cityscape of Farataabout 15 km around Farata

    7. satellite view of the region around Tell el Farahabout 15 km around Tell el Farah

Verses (1)

Judg 8:2

Linked Data Identifiers

SourceIdentifier (2007)Abiezer
OpenBible.infoa549c0f (Abiezer)

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Deror_avi, Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2019, Bukvoed, doron kirshberg, محمد الفلسطيني, עדירל


This page identifies the current consensus around the modern location of this biblical place.

While I consulted sources for this place, there were no major disputes about its modern location.