Small experiments with Bible data.

Bible Book Browser (August 2007)

Browse to any chapter in the Bible instantly.

Bible Word Locator (September 2007)

Explore the frequency and dispersion of words in the Bible.

Bible Verse Photo Composites (February 2008)

See a photo composite for each verse in the Bible based on Flickr images.

Bible Sentence Paths (April 2008)

Visualize sentence paths. Every word is a pixel; every sentence is a line. Turn right for every new sentence and add some metadata.
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Bible Translation Googleshare (November 2008)

The relative popularity of English Bible translations, as inferred from public Google data.
The chart is generated by Google.

Bible Translation “Personas” (September 2009)

Personality profiles of English Bible translations.
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Bible Cross References (April 2010)

Browse over 340,000 cross references in the Bible.
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Text Year Calculator (December 2010)

Calculate the average year of the vocabulary used in text.

Bible Reference Parser Demo (November 2011)

A demonstration of a Javascript Bible reference parser: enter text and watch the computer interpret the Bible passage references (e.g., John 3:16) it contains. It’s not actually very exciting: it just demonstrates code hosted on Github.

Bible Cross References Interactive Visualization (February 2012)

Visualize Bible cross references at a book level.
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Kids’ Bible Stories throughout History (November 2013)

Popular stories from kids’ Bibles from 1830 to 2013.
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Historical Twitter Lent Tracker (March 2014)

What Twitterers have been giving up for Lent since 2009.
For example, see what fast-food restaurants people are giving up.