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Red Sea 2


Translated NamesGulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, Red sea
Typebody of water
NotesGulf of Aqaba
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1 Identification

  1. Gulf of Aqaba (modern): very high confidence
    1. panorama of the Gulf of AqabaGulf of Aqaba

Verses (5)

Gen-Deut (1)
Exod 23:31
Josh-Ruth (1)
Judg 11:16
1Sam-Esth (2)
1Kgs 9:26
2Chr 8:17
Job-Mal (1)
Jer 49:21

Linked Data Identifiers

Logos FactbookRed Sea (2007)Red Sea
OpenBible.infoad64d75 (Red Sea 2)
UBS Names Databaseot ID_1366
WikipediaYam Suph (partial)

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panorama of the Gulf of Aqaba
Credit: mikkelsaar (modified)


This page identifies the current consensus around the modern location of this biblical place.

While I consulted sources for this place, there were no major disputes about its modern location.