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Jebel Zabadani


Also CalledJebel Zebedany
Latitude, Longitude33.688889, 36.031667
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)246152/343921
Typemountain ridge
Point Precisionpoint in mountain range
Coordinates Sources
Precise Coordinates Notesthese sources place Jebel Zabadani near here, west of Al Zabadani; Atlas of Palestine and the Sinai Peninsula Map (1850) encompasses both west and east; Carta Bible Atlas, 5th Edition (2011) (map 8) places it along the eastern border of this valley; Van de Velde Map (1858) also places it west and east
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Biblical places associated with Jebel Zabadani

10-meter-per-pixel satellite Image

satellite view of the region around Jebel Zabadani
Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2019 (modified)