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Wadi al Juththa


Also CalledWadi el Jatta, Wadi el Juththa
Latitude, Longitude31.865650, 35.400780
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)188030/141430
Point Precisionpoint along wadi
Coordinates Sources
General Location Notes
  • Holman Illustrated Guide to Bible Geography (2020) (page 128): “the far eastern edge of the Ai-Michmash Plateau drains into the broad, gentle course of the Zeboim Valley (Wadi el-Jatta; 1 Sam 13:18). Further north, the Bethel Plateau is drained eastward by the Wadi Makkuk
  • Palestine Open Maps (Palestine 1:100,000) calls this wadi Makkuk, but Palestine Open Maps (1:20,000) calls it Wadi el Juththa
  • from context, this is what the author has in mind
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Biblical places associated with Wadi al Juththa


panorama of cliffs along Wadi al Juththa
Credit: Bukvoed (modified)