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Wadi Ghuwayr


Also CalledWadi al Ghuwayr
Latitude, Longitude30.628270, 35.468450
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)194761/004249
Point Precisionpoint along wadi
Coordinates Sources
General Location NotesAnchor Yale Bible Dictionary (1992) (Rehoboth (place)): “Knauf (1987), deriving the ’Edomite King list’ from the 5th century B.C., interprets Rehoboth ha-Nahar as the designation of a landscape, not a town, and suggests the catchment area of Wadi al-Ghuwayr for an identification.”
Precise Coordinates Notesthere are GeoNames named Ghuwayr; this one is the most prominent and flows into Wadi Faynan
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Biblical places associated with Wadi Ghuwayr


panorama of Wadi Ghuwayr
Credit: Joe Roe (modified)