Places in Judges 16

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Place Possible identifications (tap to highlight on the map)
Judg 16:31
  1. cityscape of EshtaolEshtaol

  2. satellite view of the region around Khirbet Deir ShubeibKhirbet Deir Shubeib

  3. boiler at ArtufArtuf

  4. cityscape including Khirbet Deir Abu Kabus at the summitKhirbet Deir Abu Kabus

  5. satellite view of the region around Khirbet esh Sheikh IbrahimKhirbet esh Sheikh Ibrahim

Judg 16:1, 16:2, 16:21
  1. satellite view of the region around Tell HarubeTell Harube

Judg 16:3
  1. ruins at Tel RumeidaTel Rumeida

Valley of Sorek
Judg 16:4
  1. closeup of Nahal SorekNahal Sorek

Judg 16:31
  1. ruins at Tel TzoraTel Tzora

Image Credits

יעקב, Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2019, yiftah-s, יעקב, Dr. Avishai Teicher, הדס, Davidbena


This page attempts to identify all possible locations for every place mentioned in this chapter of the Bible.