Places in Luke 10

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Place Possible identifications (tap to highlight on the map)
Bethsaida 1
Luke 10:13
  1. ruins at At TellAt Tell

  2. aerial panorama of Al ArajAl Araj

  3. church at TabghaTabgha

  4. satellite view of the region around El Mess'adiyyeEl Mess'adiyye

Luke 10:15
  1. aerial panorama of ruins at Tell HumTell Hum

  2. ruins at Khirbet MinyehKhirbet Minyeh

Luke 10:13
  1. ruins at Khirbet KarrazaKhirbet Karraza

Jericho 2
Luke 10:30
  1. ruins at Tell el AlayiqTell el Alayiq

Luke 10:30, 10:38
  1. aerial cityscape of JerusalemJerusalem

Luke 10:13, 10:14
  1. satellite view of the region around the Sandikli archaeological site in SidonSandikli archaeological site in Sidon

Luke 10:12
  1. panorama of hills in the region south of the Lisanin the region south of the Lisan

  2. panorama of a region north of the Dead Seain the region north of the Dead Sea

  3. ruins at Bab edh DhraBab edh Dhra

  4. panorama of Tall el HammamTall el Hammam

  5. ruins at NumeiraNumeira

Luke 10:13, 10:14
  1. ruins at TyreTyre

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This page attempts to identify all possible locations for every place mentioned in this chapter of the Bible.