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“Hacking the Bible” in Christianity Today

Read the article This month’s Christianity Today cover story, The Bible in the Original Geek, talks about how programmers are using technology to change how we read, study, and interpret the Bible. If you’re interested in the Bible and technology (and if you’re reading this blog, you probably are), then you should go read it.

(Ted Olsen, the author of the article, is doing also did an AMA on Reddit about the article.)

The article talks about the “academic priesthood,” and I think it’s particularly interesting that so few universities are interested in “digital theology” (for lack of a better term). You can study at Durham (like John Dyer is) or King’s College London, or you can try to work a biblical emphasis into a digital rhetoric Ph.D. But I’m surprised that more institutions, especially evangelical seminaries, aren’t at the forefront of the kind of research described in the article.

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