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Et Taba


Also CalledAin Tabah, Bir Taba, Sabkhat Tabah
Latitude, Longitude29.858780, 35.096500
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)159020/-081080
Point Precision6 km
Coordinates Sources
General Location NotesAnchor Yale Bible Dictionary (1992) (Jotbathah (place)): “the source of a marshy winter lake near the Wadi Ghadhaghed
Precise Coordinates NotesMusil, Arabia Petraea Map (1907) (map 3) places Ain Taba east-northeast of Ein Yotvata, while Har-El, Sinai Journeys (1983) (page 168) places it east-southeast; Sinai and the Desert of the Wanderings Map (1874) shows this point as "Fountain & Palms;" "the salt-marsh area known as Sabkhat et-Taba. A well, Bir et-Taba, is just east of the Sabkhat. An Iron Age I fortress was found nearby;" Amud Anan places Bir et Taba at approximately 29.845343,35.104720
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10-meter-per-pixel satellite Image

satellite view of the region around Et Taba
Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2019 (modified)