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Tell Eton


Also CalledTall Eitun, Tel Aaton, Tel Eton, Tell Aitun, Tell Eitun, Tell Etun
Latitude, Longitude31.491813, 34.928055
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)143190/099995
Point Precisionpoint on tel
Coordinates Sources
General Location Notes
  • Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible (2010) (Etam): “11 miles west-southwest of Hebron”
  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary (2003) (Etam): “11 miles southwest of Hebron”
Precise Coordinates NotesPalestine Open Maps (Western Palestine 1:63,000) calls this point "Khirbet Aitun," while Palestine Open Maps (Palestine 1:100,000) calls this point Tall Eitun, with Khirbet Eitun (called "Aitun et Tahta" on Western Palestine) 500m to the west
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artifact from Tell Eton
Credit: Hanay (modified)