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Khirbet Hamzeh


Also CalledKhirbet Hamseh, Khirbet Hanizeh, Umm el Basateen church
Latitude, Longitude31.821747, 35.873385
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)232784/136740
Point Precisionarchaeological site in modern settlement
Coordinates Source
General Location NotesZondervan Pictorial Bible Atlas (1972) (page 83): “4 miles northeast of Heshbon
Precise Coordinates NotesConder, Survey of Eastern Palestine (1889) (page 247) describes Khirbet Hamzeh as the "small church" at Umm el Hanafish
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Biblical places associated with Khirbet Hamzeh

10-meter-per-pixel satellite Image

satellite view of the region around Khirbet Hamzeh
Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2019 (modified)