Places in Acts 7

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Place Possible identifications (tap to highlight on the map)
Babylon 1
Acts 7:43
  1. Ishtar gate from BabylonBabylon

Acts 7:11
  1. panorama of a region in Canaan from Mount TaborCanaan

Acts 7:4
  1. ruins at Tell el MuqayyarChaldea

Acts 7:9, 7:10, 10 more
  1. pyramids of Giza in EgyptEgypt

Acts 7:2, 7:4
  1. beehive houses at HarranHarran

Acts 7:2
  1. panorama of the Euphrates River in MesopotamiaAram-naharaim

Acts 7:29
  1. panorama of hills in MidianMidian

Mount Sinai
Acts 7:30, 7:38
  1. panorama of Jebel MusaJebel Musa

  2. panorama of Ras es SafsafehRas es Safsafeh

  3. satellite view of the region around Jebel Sin BisharJebel Sin Bishar

  4. panorama of Har KarkomHar Karkom

  5. closeup of Jebel KatherinaJebel Katherina

  6. historical panorama of Jebel Serbal, which is the peaks in the distanceJebel Serbal

  7. satellite view of the region around Jebel HalalJebel Halal

  8. satellite view of the region around Jebel Hashem el TarifJebel Hashem el Tarif

  9. panorama of Har `ArifHar `Arif

  10. satellite view of the region around Jabal al LawzJabal al Lawz

  11. satellite view of the region around Jabal al MagharahJabal al Magharah

  12. satellite view of the region around Jebel YeleqJebel Yeleq

  13. satellite view of the region around Al ManifaAl Manifa

  14. satellite view of the region around Jabal HarbJabal Harb

Acts 7:19
  1. panorama of the Nile RiverNile River

Red Sea 1
Acts 7:36
  1. panorama of the Great Bitter LakeBitter Lakes

  2. sunset on the Gulf of SuezGulf of Suez

  3. panorama of Lake TimsahLake Timsah

  4. panorama of the Suez Canal at the former Ballah LakesBallah Lakes

  5. workers at Lake ManzalaLake Manzala

  6. ruins at Qantir along the Pelusiac branch of the NilePelusiac branch of the Nile

  7. closeup of Lake BardawilLake Bardawil

  8. panorama of the Gulf of AqabaGulf of Aqaba

Acts 7:16
  1. aerial panorama of Tell BalatahTell Balatah

Image Credits

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This page attempts to identify all possible locations for every place mentioned in this chapter of the Bible.

The isobands you see on the map (gray areas with dark borders) attempt to give you confidence where a region is. Because many ancient regions aren't precisely defined, I consulted atlases to determine where the biblical region is located and used that data to build the isobands. The smaller isobands reflect more confidence that the given isoband is in the region, while the larger isobands reflect less confidence. Isobands are a kind of contour line that here indicate confidence levels.