Places in Obadiah

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Chapters with Places

  1. Obadiah 1 (14 places)


Place Possible identifications (tap to highlight on the map)
Obad 20
  1. panorama of a region in Canaan from Mount TaborCanaan

Obad 1, 2, 3 more
  1. ruins at BuseiraEdom

Gilead 1
Obad 19
  1. panorama of hills in Gilead 1Gilead 1

Obad 20
  1. satellite view of the region around Al Abbasiyahabout 60 km around Al Abbasiyah

  2. panorama of the Khabur Riveralong the Khabur River

  3. ruins at Tell Halafwithin 10 km of Tell Halaf

  4. ruins at NimrudNimrud

Obad 11, 20, 21
  1. aerial cityscape of JerusalemJerusalem

Mount Esau
Obad 8, 9, 2 more
  1. satellite view of the region around Jebel esh Sheraregion around Jebel esh Shera

  2. panorama of mountains southwest of the Dead Seamountains southwest of the Dead Sea

Mount Zion
Obad 17, 21
  1. cityscape of Mount ZionMount Zion

Obad 19, 20
  1. panorama of hills in the NegebNegeb

Obad 19
  1. panorama of a coastal plain in PhilistiaPhilistia

Samaria 1
Obad 19
  1. ruins at SamariaSamaria

Obad 20
  1. ruins at SardisSardis

  2. panorama of a natural area in Asia Minorin Asia Minor

  3. Roman road in Hispaniain Hispania

  4. panorama of the Bosporuswithin 15 km of the Bosporus

  5. ruins at SpartaSparta

  6. ruins at Tell Hagmatanain Media

Obad 19
  1. panorama of hills in the ShephelahShephelah

Obad 9
  1. satellite view of the region around TawilanTawilan

  2. ruins at BuseiraEdom

  3. ruins at Buseiraabout 30 km around Buseira

  4. ruins at BuseiraBuseira

  5. building at CarcariaCarcaria

  6. satellite view of the region around GharandalGharandal

  7. streetscape of Ma'anMa'an

  8. satellite view of the region around TuwanehTuwaneh

  9. ruins at UdruhUdruh

Obad 20
  1. satellite view of the region around SareptaSarepta

Image Credits

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This page attempts to identify all possible locations for every place mentioned in this book of the Bible.

The isobands you see on the map (gray areas with dark borders) attempt to give you confidence where a region is. Because many ancient regions aren't precisely defined, I consulted atlases to determine where the biblical region is located and used that data to build the isobands. The smaller isobands reflect more confidence that the given isoband is in the region, while the larger isobands reflect less confidence. Isobands are a kind of contour line that here indicate confidence levels.