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Translated NameGulloth-mayim
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1 Identification

  1. within 5 km of Debir 1 (ancient): very high confidence. It may be:
    1. recent ruins at Khirbet Rabudwithin 5 km of Khirbet Rabud

    2. artifact from Tell Beit Mirsimwithin 5 km of Tell Beit Mirsim

    3. ruins at Khirbet Tarramawithin 5 km of Khirbet Tarrama

Verses (2)

  1. Josh 15:19
  2. Judg 1:15

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hatul, Hanay, hatul


This page identifies the current consensus around the modern location of this biblical place.

While I consulted sources for this place, there were no major disputes about its modern location.