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Mount Amana


Latitude, Longitude33.567778, 35.963333
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)239915/330438
Point Precision10 km
Coordinates Source
General Location Notes
  • Van de Velde Memoir (1858) (page 280): “the name Amana… in connection with but different from Hermon, is still given to the section of the Antilebanon southwest of Zebedany, at the base of which the sources of the Barada are found”
  • however, no such label appears on Van de Velde Map (1858)
  • Tübingen Bible Atlas (2001) (map BIV5) also places "Amana" here, northwest of Damascus
Precise Coordinates Notesthis is just a peak in the general area
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Biblical places associated with Mount Amana


panorama looking southeast at Mount Amana
Credit: KRkade (modified)