Places in Isaiah 28

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Place Possible identifications (tap to highlight on the map)
Isa 28:14
  1. aerial cityscape of JerusalemJerusalem

Mount Perazim
Isa 28:21
  1. building at Sheikh Badrwithin 250 m of Sheikh Badr

  2. satellite view of the region around Ez Zuhurwithin 250 m of Ez Zuhur

  3. cityscape of Abu Torwithin 250 m of Abu Tor

  4. cityscape of Gilowithin 250 m of Gilo

  5. hill at Mar Eliaswithin 250 m of Mar Elias

Samaria 1
Isa 28:1, 28:3
  1. ruins at SamariaSamaria

Valley of Gibeon
Isa 28:21
  1. panorama of the Valley of GibeonValley of Gibeon

Isa 28:16
  1. aerial cityscape of JerusalemJerusalem

Image Credits

Godot13, יעקב, Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2019, me, Justin McIntosh, Bukvoed, Ovedc, Ori~


This page attempts to identify all possible locations for every place mentioned in this chapter of the Bible.