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Visualization: Character Relationships across Religions


A list of characters (‘Lord,’ ‘God’, and ‘You,’ are the most prominent) runs along the bottom, with arcs connecting them.

This visualization, by Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller, comes from the textual analysis of different religions’ holy books (red = Hinduism, yellow = Buddhism, green = Islam, blue = Judaism, purple = Christianity). Below each character is a list of verbs associated with him or her in each religion.

Their intent is (presumably) to show the commonalities among the different religions; I’m more interested in the technique behind the visualization itself. You could, for example, apply the technique to just the Bible and end up with a similar visualization. You could even do a similar color-coding, except with the Old and New Testaments.

Via Infosthetics, which has a few more examples of biblical visualizations in the comments. Tim Regan of Microsoft notes, “The whole area of abstract visualizations of books seems to be growing, and the bible seems to be a good testbed for these projects.”

3 Responses to “Visualization: Character Relationships across Religions”

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  3. Im wondering if you or anybody you know knows the significance of the colors yellow and green in relation to deities or demons.

    thank you

    anthony Harris