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750 Memory Verses for You

Download 750 verses (or short combination of verses) for your memory work or as the basis for your own list of verses. The Bible text in the file is the ESV and is therefore copyrighted, but the compilation of actual verse references is available under the usual (for CC-BY license. Do what you like with them.

The verses appear in descending order of popularity (as determined by an analysis of verses on this site), so if you’re only looking for 100 verses, you can just grab the first 100. There are 750 total to give you more than two years’ worth of daily verses, if you want.


When I was putting together a list of daily memory verses a few years ago, I was surprised to discover that I couldn’t find a freely usable list of verses: I ended up combing through a bunch of books and combining various sources to produce a list of about 400 verses. If you’re doing something similar, why should you go through the same pain?

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