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Two Bible Visualizations on the Unity of Scripture

Yingyan Huang, a graphic designer, recently created two Bible visualizations that emphasize the unity of Scripture.

Harmony of the Gospels. The first visualization, “The Harmony of the Gospels—250 Events in the Life of Christ,” identifies 250 events recorded in the Gospels, arranges them chronologically, and plots them to reveal which events occurred in which Gospels. In effect, it’s a visualization of the Composite Gospel Index, though the visualization is apparently using a different data set.

A Single Story. The second visualization, “A Single Story—The Bible through the Lens of 250 Events,” starts with the same 250 events but extends references to them into the Old Testament and the remainder of the New Testament. This visualization shows the centrality of Christ in the Bible.

Both visualizations convey useful information. I wish they were available in larger sizes, but even the low-resolution versions give you a sense of the message behind the images.

3 Responses to “Two Bible Visualizations on the Unity of Scripture”

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