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Re-visualizing Cross References (Interactively)

Visit an interactive visualization of Bible cross references.
Browse this grid interactively.

This visualization is arranged by book, showing cross-reference sources on the y-axis and targets on the x-axis. Within each square, the first verse in the book or section is at the top, and the last verse is at the bottom. Here’s what a detail of a square looks like:

Cross references between Genesis and Daniel

Genesis 1 is at the top left; Genesis 50 is at the bottom left. Daniel 1 is at the top right; Daniel 12 is at the bottom right. The most-striking cross references between these two books, to me, involve Joseph’s interpretation of dreams in Genesis 40-41 and similar stories in Daniel.

Also see a previous cross reference visualization.

2 Responses to “Re-visualizing Cross References (Interactively)”

  1. Robert Rouse says:

    What do the colors (green, red, blue) represent? I’m guessing red is New Testament, blue is Old Testament, and green is a major division and perhaps purple is a reference within the same book? It appears that’s the pattern, but it’s not clear from the post.

  2. openbible says:

    You’re correct about the colors. If you click through, the visualization is explained in somewhat more detail at the bottom of the page.