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Introducing an AI Sermon Outline Generator

Christianity Today published a piece today by Russell Moore titled “AI Might Teach, But It Can’t Preach,” in which he asks: “What if everywhere-accessible AI could write completely orthodox, biblically anchored, and compellingly argued sermons for pastors every week?”

Challenge accepted. Try the AI Sermon Outline Generator. Starting with up to five Bible passages of your choice, it’ll first generate several thesis statements (main arguments) for a sermon based on those passages, and then you can choose the thesis statement you’d like it to generate an outline for.

The outlines themselves are… OK. I’d say they’re around the 50th percentile of the approximately 2,000 sermons I’ve heard in my life. They mostly stick to the obvious points in the text, but that’s no different from many pastors’ sermons. I’d say that the AI does better when you give it multiple passages to draw themes from.

Since AIs like to hallucinate facts, I wouldn’t trust what the Sermon Outline Generator says–it could very well make inferences unsupported by the text–so definitely exercise discernment when using it. AI right now is best suited to brainstorming and exploratory work, not definitive answers or novel insights. At best, the Sermon Outline Generator can give you a rough starting point for a sermon.

Each outline costs me about $0.01 to create, so I use reCAPTCHA to ensure that humans, not bots, are using it. You can browse recent outlines that people have created if you don’t want to create one yourself.

(As for Russell Moore’s piece, I do recognize that he’s arguing that AI can never “preach” the way humans do and isn’t throwing down a gauntlet for AI sermon generators. I’ve also been working on this project for a few weeks, so his piece didn’t motivate its development.)

Try the AI Sermon Outline Generator now.

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