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Khirbet el Mefjir


Also CalledHisham’s Palace, Khirbat al Mafjar, Khirbat el Mafjir, Khirbet el Mifgir
Latitude, Longitude31.881883, 35.459969
Palestine 1928 Grid Coordinates (?)193627/143242
Point Precisionpoint in visible remains
Coordinates Sources
General Location Notes
  • Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible (2010) (Gilgal): “a lilttle over 1 mile northeast of Jericho… palace of the caliph Hisham”
  • Tyndale Bible Dictionary (2001) (Gilgal): “two miles east of modern Jericho
Precise Coordinates NotesDigital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land are a different site, Khirbet Mugheifir
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ruins at Khirbet el Mefjir
Credit: Zairon (modified)