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OpenBible on BibleWorks (Unofficially)

Pasquale on the BibleWorks forum has created a module that lets you browse the maps here directly from BibleWorks (though it helps if you have Google Earth installed). Download the file (35 MB .zip). The forum post has more instructions.

BibleWorks accepts regular HTML Help (.chm) files with some supporting metadata, so it looks like Pasquale created a local version of parts of this website. Nifty! You don’t even need BibleWorks to browse the file itself; any recent Windows computer should work fine. The only disadvantage to a local file, of course, is that it can’t include any new corrections that I make on the site.

I’m linking to a file hosted here here because the file linked on the forum is split into five pieces, which you have to download separately and reassemble. The above link is a simple .zip file.

4 Responses to “OpenBible on BibleWorks (Unofficially)”

  1. tim bulkeley says:

    Sounds great, but can someone make the instructions clearer… How do I “extract all files in Bibleworks 7 databases” that is, I can extract them, no worries, but were do I put them or how do I make BW aware of them?

  2. openbible says:

    I don’t have BibleWorks, so I can’t help you, I’m afraid. Maybe the thread can clarify things somewhat?

  3. A new version of the files are available here ( If you need more help on how to make the files work you can ask there or either the thread that was posted above.

  4. tim bulkeley says:

    Thanks, Michael, I am so new to adding bits to BW that I did not even know which directory to unzip to! The post you mention tells me that so I should be fine now… I’ll also subscribe to the BW blog 😉