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Passion Week in Google Earth

Download a KML of the locations from the Passion Week in Google Earth or see it on Google Maps.

Passion Week on Google Maps

Passion Week runs from Palm Sunday (Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem) through Easter Sunday (Jesus’ resurrection). Check out a chronology of Passion Week for more details.

Thanks to Catholic Gauze for the idea.

7 Responses to “Passion Week in Google Earth”

  1. Geography of Passion Week…

    This week is Passion Week (or Holy Week), the week that commemorates the final week of Jesus’ life. It encompasses Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through his resurrection on Easter.
    Here’s a Google Map that shows what happen…

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  4. Mike Fanning says:

    Do you know of anything similar to this that does the life of Jesus chronologically? I would really appreciate any help you can offer. Many Thanks!

  5. openbible says:

    I’d like to create something like that, but I don’t know of anything that already exists. You could use a harmony of the gospels (like and combine it with the chapter-level KMZs available on this site to get a fair approximation. That’s not a small amount of work, but if you create something like that, I’d be happy to link to it or host it here so others can benefit from it.

  6. […] at the top, through the Mount of Olives and various places in Jerusalem, and ended at Emmaus. On a map of Holy Week events, this axis approximates a line running from west (Bethany) to east (Emmaus). Using the vertical […]